Powering the future of precision medicine

The genome revolution is here

Technological advances and the shrinking cost of genome sequencing are helping in the quest to identify more of the three billion letters of our genomic blueprint related to different diseases and build evidence on which drugs can effectively treat them. The resulting explosion in data will revolutionize healthcare.

Data Knowledge Life

Dataome turns molecular diagnostic DATA into clinically actionable KNOWLEDGE to improve individual patient outcomes and LIFE.
Genomics and genetic analyses now far surpass our ability to master their clinical implications. Data from testing and the growing body of related knowledge, are becoming exponentially more complex, requiring ever more sophisticated technology to capture, interpret and optimize what's relevant. That's what we do*.


*Product features and user target groups may be different in different countries. Please contact us to learn about the availability in your country.





Data capture

Our Dataome technology platform mines and structures millions of evidence-based molecular and clinical data sources. Healthcare professionals can deep dive into a knowledge base that contains curated biomarkers of drug response, resistance, and toxicity, drawn with reference from the world’s biomedical literature based on over six million patient cases.

Data Processing

Our Dataome technology platform provides the basis for fast clinico-molecular data interpretation that has relevance across the healthcare industry - from anticipating patient-cohort drug response, to identifying personalized treatment options for patients, to predicting drug toxicity and side effects based on genomic and molecular evidence.

Data delivery

Our Dataome technology platform intelligently structures and delivers data to enable automated, real-time access. From interactive interpretation of patient genome data for labs, to app-accessed drug-safety reports for physicians, to customized network integration with hospital groups, we are continuously forging new channels to deliver relevant data to suit our customer requirements.